By Richard Homer

I see you
when you start that sour chat about
 someone else, 
 and then someone else calls you out!
And says someone else is actually all right, 
 In fact, if you had some insight, 
 You’d see they’re actually tight!
But then your “fight or flight” 
 Kicks in, 
 and you start to back track, 
 Blurring actual facts,
 With fast talking chat
I see you
When you then go off, and tell them, 
 someone else said, 
 those exact things that came from your mouth,
 Getting in first so things don’t go south,

I see you 
Screaming and shouting a side of the story, 
 Lies covered up with calculated fury.
“Oh no, that’s not what I meant”
 Someone’s actually a friend,
 I just get a little bent, 
 Out of shape, when they do that thing
 looking through someone, 
 seeing the trouble they bring!
I see you
Someone’s toxic,  but they’ll turn it round, projecting themselves on to someone sound, 
someone I’m sure is straight down the line, someone’s a problem, a narc, it’s a crime
I see you
Seeing the words that Someone wrote
 something about them tgets stuck in your throat
 thinking who the hell this is about, 
 it can’t be me your wanting to shout.
No way not a chance it couldn’t be, 
 that this shitty  “someone” could be me.
I see you  

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original autor. All rights reserved.

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