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Private Myths

By SOPOETIC They infiltrate our serenity and peace of mind with cynicism, scepticism, materialism of every kind. Yet, every night most people […]

Paradox Man

By Lee Todd Lacks “He’s the Paradox Man” Missy said solemnly. “He can take a blessing and turn it into a curse. […]

By Tracy Shults-Wright Whoa Mama! I was hopin’ I could catcha… I’m your dedicated flashah! You’ll see that things aren’t always what […]

By Prunella Nadler Previously pale And prone to blush Flush to bright red Away I would rush But after reading about Change […]

Silent Protector

By Davina Purnell She wasn’t your average critter, Her motion to still to be seen. In the dark or daylight, She could […]

Magical Tart

By Cameron Batista Crayons crayons the magical tart The more colors you eat rip a rainbow fart Rainbow farts that lead to […]

I Am Silent

By Michael Cunliffe I am silent, I withdraw. I do this, and I do this as meditation, as contemplation – yesterday, today, […]

Pandemic Age

By Marivic Nemi “Poetry is the power shield Against the noise of pollution” Poetry the sanitizer in palm., Declaring calmliness from dizziness […]

Don’t Take Me To Church

By SOPOETIC Climbing up the pillar posts, Chilling as the holy ghosts, Serious man wearing white cloaks, Church hall full of old […]

Rhyme Irony

By Richard Homer Here’s a poem that doesn’t rhyme Gotta get it down before I run out of.. Inspiration Trying hard to […]

Dancing to Your Own Tune

By Kay Bradley She was a perky little filly Dancing playfully and silly She was carefree at noon She whistled a happy […]

Faithful Star

By Lizzy Smith That fiery orange star Rising up to warm each And every one of us Is the Most taken advantage […]


By Lee Todd Lacks Patricia was tired of pretending to be pure, in keeping with her people’s tradition, the princess was supposed […]


By LaVan Robinson In the playground of unconscious reality, humanity deepest thoughts are manifested to conscious validity. If there’s no balance between […]

And Then

By Prunella Nadler Perfect is As perfect does It’s never good enough It never was The perfectionist finds Each daily grind To […]


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