Member Write Showcase


Written By Stacey Williams Just in the nick of time Just had a discussion Just us could understand Justice © All poetic […]

Mouth Watering

Written By Dolly-Marie Reynolds Varney The morning light shines bright through my window and the aroma of bacon swirls my scenes awake. […]


Written By Dianne De Villiers Fire upon fire Burn I cannot Already seared flesh cannot ignite A soul of ashes lying cold […]

Blue (goes to a) Funeral

Written By Ben Vest Dearly departed, we’re gathered here today… “Why’d we come here? We have to pay?”- asks Blue. I replied, […]

His Eyes

Written By Thasia Anne Black velvet, was the color of his eyes and tattered soul She squeezed between the bars, climbed the […]


Written By theunknownqualia Permanent relationship Longing love for each other Ecstasy of being loved. Attached to minds. Seeking good in each other. […]

My First Flight in B

Written By Jesse Batista Befuddled I am at the calmness bestowed upon me by some omnipotent being, This being my first flight. […]

Thanks Ghetto

Written By Stacey Williams Drugs prostitution And death. I loved my neighborhood. As bad as it was I met Donald goines Hip […]


Written By Armistead Lindsey Known not as seed but seedling Etched in photographic memories That sear white hot in absent flesh. The […]


Written By Martin Rodney Mrp Pretorious Who is this crying so Loud Running, Screaming About Everybody’s closing their Doors Lying down in […]

Team Dodge Ball

Written By Thasia Anne I was the frail little scrawny girl they always picked last and always went after first And then […]

Anchored Beacons

Written By Armistead Lindsey Dew swept wind hills of May morning Captured moments in sprinkled droplets That begged passers by to be […]


Written By Thasia Anne Failure – would not be – not flying It would be not spreading my wings. Even if I […]

Written By Lee Todd Lacks He handed it to me carefully ever so carefully with tears in his eyes as he whispered […]


Written By Armistead Lindsey I saw the postured seating – face forward – chin up – But an empty plate for eating. […]


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