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Perfume Recall

Collaboratively Written on Instagram by: bardmom, the.girl.who.loved.words, thebordersofcreativity, wanderingscottishpoet, shan.ar24209, shreshtha.07, thechaotic_urban, poeticuniversityuniverse, & jdddeeenn

Her expensive perfumes reminded me of
daffodils, fields of daffodils spread under frilled dark clouds
It heightened all of my senses, I touched petals with each inhaled breath
Like my life slowly fading away under a hurricane
Cheap, acrid cleaner, like she’s trying to buy class
Her scent when she walked among us!
Of the craze that set on my mind by the feeling of its essence.
The daffodils were dancing gently to the rhythm of the wind.
Then we get married to a Hip-Hop style that kisses R&B as the diva who lives in a city called Daffodils where Pop singers drink bottles of Sprite poetry as the energy to charge them creatively no bull.
the times we're together, I wish I could go back.

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