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The Witch’s Black Cat

Collaboratively Written on Instagram by: photo_jottings, _.emowords._, theunknownqualia, shreshtha.07, madhavi_hingorani, thebordersofcreativity, makinde_kehinde_margret, donnamccabe_, moon_poet17_74, thatlatinachic, imeon43, mystic_muse_28, haikus4mini, mydiariverse, edge_of_light_creations, kimbrakephotography, jan_the_rhapsodist, & shan.ar24209

In the eyes of the witch's black cat
I saw a magic wand
lying by the cat
Who wanders around
Ready to be struck with magic I could cast a spell so dangerous it would curse you forever. A dark magic.
Cat alluring the streets for preying food it’s stares were enough to feed off its prey.
The piercing gaze with secrets deep and dark
I see hatred pouring out as blood, reddish black in its essence, screaming devastation to me
screaming pain in full vain.
Staring daggers at me with full might to envy it’s eyes shot at me like pistols ready to fire a shotgun with its preying eyes.
The witch's cat, yes the one that's black
did not give much affection back.
She always seemed to be aloof
and often slept up on the roof
Her eyes contain secrets deep
Potions formulated with organisms bizarre
affection could be never given it was a granted gift only to be found with the real ones.
It sparkled with the demons eyes 
I tried to grab it
The black cat laughed and shifted
I fell into a trap.
o have a name in a nameless world
How then do we dream names?
How do you make a change of name?

The times we thought have gone still are here again
These times are set to live again
So are names.

Let us offer our beliefs to seasons to come
If we would stay loyal by them come what may
Would our hearts lift up these sameness?
or lift off the names we bear?

Watched as she stirred and danced around her bubbling cauldron
A black cat visits me every night
In her eyes it carries secrets deep
The ringing bells of cruelness, The manipulation of the witches spell
In the eyes of the witch's black cat..

I see green pools of enmity reflecting spite and maleficence.
casting defiant glances and spells of plague and pestilence
Brewing with a scheme
Picked upon a dream
Casting spells so it seem
Grew fangs to relish the scene
evil was everywhere
the midnight moon blackening
A compelling look it gave me; sending a shiver down my spine.
That shines so bright
Even in the dark
And the scary gaze of it
Seems to choke my heart
But soon, along the witch,
The cat too vanished
As the time of hell was over
And they too were afraid of being banished.
I am black as night, through green eyes I watch her stir cauldron of bone in moonlight
In the eyes of the witches black cat, hidden shadows of the night dance with delight.
Now I lurk in the shadows, waiting for my prey, and soon an unsuspecting form, will succumb to my deep gaze, only to be vanquished and suffused in my being, and I more energetic prowl in the streets.
In the eyes of the witch's black cat,
I saw rage and hatred for mankind,
Ready to pounce on innocent me,
Cut me up with claws of animus.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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