Accolade Winner Showcase August Accolades Member Write Showcase Thasia Anne

Team Dodge Ball

Written By Thasia Anne

I was the  frail little scrawny girl
they always picked last  and always went after first
And then in sixth grade,  Pat Wagner   the kid who was
already like six foot    and the hero,    was up
Ball in hand    he looked right at me     and smiled
I knew this was it     I could see    the blood in his eyes
The ball hit me    in the stomach   so hard
that it took me   off my feet
I hit the floor   wham    on my butt
I couldn’t breathe    I gasped air in  
Through the fog    I could hear cheering
and I felt shame    When I looked up
it was my team cheering       I looked down
and realized    the ball was still    wrapped in my arms
I could taste   red rubber
and Pat Wagner    mouth agape    was out

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