Armistead Lindsey Cameron Batista Chain Poem Chelley Rice "Punk Poet" Dianne De Villiers Jesse Batista Martin Rodney Mrp Pretorius Nazoo Naz Prunella Nadler Stacey Williams Thasia Anne

Butterfly Sight

Collaboratively Written By: Thasia Anne, Martin Rodney Mrp Pretorius, Stacey Williams, Prunella Nadler, Dianne De Villiers, Nazoo Naz, Chelley Rice “Punk Poet”, Armistead Lindsey, Jesse Batista, & Cameron Batista

Would the butterfly ever stop to watch
The butterfly wings scream for rest as they incessantly flutter
My Wings would otherwise Clutter
He did .....he saw a black butterfly
His name was BROTHER FLY
Flying faster to Never Ever Deny
Streaming Tears flood My Eye
It flew across the widest sky
Not finding a single flower to spy
Now would you Lie
I heard your heart Sigh
All at once and once for all
It realized a flower was but a trap
But Alas you're incessantly Drawn
Every daily ritual every horrible Morn
Fluttering it's colorful wings
Looking forward to fly away from this crap
But the furthest I would get Away
The unhappiest my heart would Pray
sometimes for our peace of mind
This step we have to take
This all I can say
BUT ALAS it's in Our Blood
To suck the mounds of Flood
The mountains of Nectar
How would you travel so Far
From your Destiny
To ENJOY the Flattery
I am flying towards my new destination
To enjoy new gardens new flowers new territory
Then perchance we'll Meet along the Road
Even on the Day Single most Cold
I'll forever Respect and Hold
You in the Highest Regard
That Day I Hope won't be too Hard
You'll recognise my Identity Card
We are similar in every Respect
Easily friendly I would Expect
If down the road
We will meet by chance
I will recognize you in one glance
No matter if that day will be warm or cold
Your friendship hand towards me I will hold
One thing about you I suspect
You already know me exact
Our Hearts Are Tuned by GPS
If unbeknownst you send a SMS
I'll Still wait for you Anywhere
Cause I Know you Care
Really Deep
I'll tightly Keep
Your Prayer
Love you Share
From Everywhere
Gps and sms are not the devices on which we can completely rely
Our hearts and minds are the only tools
Which guide us the right path
Without any guilt Without any fear
I love your Sentiment
Then I'm in the Right Element
I know our Heart ❤️
Can't be Apart
Too Long I've Waited
NOW I'm Elevated
On My Mind you can Rely
Without you ever Reply
My Heart ❤️ would Cry
It's Really waiting so Long
NOW I Know to whom I Belong.
My sentiments are true
As you know my heart
So It's a beautiful start
No more longing no more waiting
Your Love gave me wings
Now I can fly
NOW Together We will Be BUTTERFLY
NO more Time to CRY
The long Journey in front LIE
IT will be Sweet By-and BYE
NOW Together we Follow the Light
Traveling Away from the Night
Holding Our Hands in Bond
Our Hearts combined Beyond
To that Sweet City Above
Where the Prize is abundance Love
So now it's time to fly
Say to everyone good bye 👋
Gliding above hate to discover new breath...
Sliding Past the love of my Heart
I'm Mesmerized to never be Apart
Only to be disappointed by the sour taste
But why would your zealousness Waste
Rather delight yourself tasting Sweet
The Beautiful Flowers Greet
They have deposits of Honey Deep
Of death,it knows not
Barely a rebirth
As a caterpillar
It eats n eats
For all it's worth
Remember your time of Rebirth will Come
As thousands of your Kind have Sung
Waking up to the Happy Sound Breaking
And those fumbled up Wings Forsaking
YOU say Goodbye to your prison Cacoon
Now you can Fly to the Moon
As all living things start dying at birth, the butterfly too will return to the Earth
Ashes to dust but is that just?
The butterfly only spread its wings to fly...
So deeply concerned with its alteration no time found for frivolous stagnation.
I call to the heavens "please have repent!"
This butterfly has no sins spent...
One Day will be your Release
Open your Cocoon with your Knees
Stretch your Colourful Wing
Flutter Away no more to Cling
So then the angels will sing...
Look at the halo I wear as bling...
Now we are joined in FB Marriage
Please I'll send the Cyber Carriage
It's actually forced into Stagnation
Changing to Butterfly thro' Hibernation
I'll Join with You in Chorus Sweet
Meanwhile in Cyber space we Meet

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original authors. All rights reserved.

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