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No More Head Games – A ‘Little’ Beast Piece

Written By Armistead Lindsey

My dearest pet had sat at my side faithfully
Hearing each callous word that bent sound
Into an uncomfortable ringing in the air.
Beasty was tired of the deafening defiance
Against the typically expected social customs
And was ready to wield the weapon of correction.

Begging at my feet for a short leave of absence,
My vicious curio’s eyes were filled to the pits
With a twisted and infinite supply of bloodlust.
As I unclasped the leash that held back spite
I left a midnight black kiss on Beasty’s cheek - 
An unspoken permit to hold nothing back.

Exactly what had transpired I will never know
For Beasty’s vocals are void of linguistic talent,
Able only to perform the screeches of emptiness.
But I was gifted a large, thickly barred steel cage
Covered in a dank, filth stained, beige hessian cloth
Upon the return of my most nefarious servant.

My unhinged little devotee beckoned in a band,
Queuing them to play with a performer's bow.
The strings hummed at the horsetail motions
As Beasty swiftly pulled back the hessian shroud
To reveal the dazed and bound human sickness -
A despised enemy of the Bitchdom’s Gentry folk.

Guards opened the front of the large steel cage
Allowing Beasty to enter hissing pure savagery.
With a tight grasp of the monsters thinning hair
I watched a clawed finger push deep into the neck
As my slave gouged a hollow into hatred’s larynx
Grinning as the shrill screams became loud exhales.

Amused by the beginning of the evening’s show
I threw my companion a broken chew toy squeaker
And watched as it was taped securely in the hole.
Beasty enjoyed the anguish that was painted
On the tormented face of this deserving plaything
And lapped at the tears with a blackened tongue.

Nourished by the pain that fell as salty teardrops,
Beasty turned attention to the victim's finger tips.
With a brief look back, and a barbaric winked smile,
A nail was forced through each digit’s end knuckle.
The monster tried to scream at each hammer strike
But could only force hot air out of the squeaker.

The Gentry approached the cage from the shadows
Brandishing the intention to reclaim stolen passion
In the shining trigger button of four blowtorches.
The band began to increase the rooms tension
As I waited for Beasty to indicate that my peers
Could ignite the flames and sever the hands of evil

Flames had burned hot, cauterizing the stump wounds.
My enthused pet played joyously with the ashes,
Smearing them crudely on the face of duplicity
As the Bitchdom’s Gentry and I watched laughing,
Waiting for the serving of our night’s refreshments.
Word had been spoken that Beasty had a final taunt.

Wait staff brought refreshments in a brewed form.
As freshly roasted Arabica bean coffee was poured
And topped with fanciful flavours and creams,
Beasty held a teapot at the mouth of the vile one.
As the scolding liquid poured down it’s throat
Beasty spilled a teacup over the malevolent face.

The melting was audible as the skin dislodged
Both inside of the monster’s sickly gullet
And externally, peeling away the facial features.
My curio watched wide eyed and amazed
As the acid made the monster’s face melt away 
Before the corpse collapsed in it’s bindings.

The band stopped playing and the doors opened.
One by one the civilians entered and exited,
Cheering loudly as Beasty removed the head
With frenzied motions of a rusted wood saw.
With the task completed and all civilians visited,
I stood before my Bitchdom and kicked the head.

I clipped Beasty back onto the leash again,
Praising the maliciously creative use of freedom
As the head was kicked between the citizens.
The smell of acid and burning flesh still in the air
Created a perfectly avenged peace in the room
As my sweet executioner lay down at my feet.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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