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It’s a Tragedy

Collaboratively Written By: David Guy Ramirez, Tracy Shults-Wright, CJ Foster, Lee Todd Lacks, Prunella Nadler, & Jesse Batista

It's tragic somethings happen that cause such grief and pain
And each breath drawn brings such great strain.
And I know I'm the one to blame.
And if you knew me, you would know...
This machine does nothing but fill and drain.
All the reasons I had to go.
I have no wish to bring you to further tears
Most gracious as always but what's done is done
Especially about grievances that became gigantic over years
I’ll hold you blameless as each sun follows sun.
Before my eyes, your hot tears went from rivulet to stream
My conscience, much like a fly, too late to escape this spider’s trap.
What happens for unknown reasons, no one ever can explain...
We take life at times for granted though as previous that it may be...
Escape from this is oftentimes a thing we just can’t see
There is no simple answer to such unfortunate tragedy...
Life has become so burdensome. Why did this happen to me?
These young lives that are over hurts more than words can say...
Who gets to say we have suffered enough?
The grieving so many suffer is here and long to stay...
And you have to wonder... if ever it should go away.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original authors. All rights reserved.

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