Amy McKinley Armistead Lindsey Chain Poem David Guy Ramirez Member Write Showcase Mikey Anderson Tracy Shults-Wright

Unknown Reasons

Collaboratively Written By: David Guy Ramirez, Tracy Shults-Wright, Armistead Lindsey, Mikey Anderson, & Amy McKinley

What happens for unknown reasons
Happens throughout all diverse seasons.
What remains broken, there is none to fix.
We take our refreshment in abomination deeply from the river Styx.
No one ever can explain...
What is our destination?
Seems we’ve been circling the drain.
Throughout eons passed set in the mists of time.
Eternity’s incantations weight us down for the climb.
And weighing on our conscience, though we heeded the warnings...
“Be prepared!”
Are all those who stayed behind to never hear from us again... we’re snared.
And my dreams report to me how our world has sunk so much deeper
Humanity seems to have become so much bleaker
Oh yes, we cry out- but know there’s none to hear.
Our fellow humans so preoccupied, long lost abilities and sense.
The cage that holds my rage is getting much weaker
I fear the cage of all my rage is going to explosion in time for

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