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Showering Off The Chaos

Collaboratively Written By: Rebel Jones, Jesse Batista, Armistead Lindsey, Tracy Shults-Wright, Ben Vest, & Lee Todd Lacks.

Water rained hard against my head
I was just laying on the ground, I thought I was dead.
The words we shared in bitterness still left things unsaid
As I showered off the days chaos and the stresses that I have shed...
Why is nothing ever complete, no matter the tears and the blood that’s been bled?
Why do I bother to even try? I'm done living this lie.
I wish to no longer think so I can no longer be.
Shadows grow longer and the darkness grows stronger.
If only those drops could just slow down enough for me to scatter my last hopes between them
As blood dries to crystallized crimson ruby gems, just to shatter, spilling like dripping rose stems.
The time has come for us to set each other free, I'm tired of pretending I'm what I'm supposed to be.
Others aren’t blind, yet still won’t see, they act like I’m a different kind, but I’m just me.
Me assured this was a product of delusion that is fully theirs.
- so cast me away like last cares upon these dark waters.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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