Amy McKinley Member Write Showcase Word Maker

Inspector O’s

By Amy McKinley

Inspector Os inspected the racing pit, and all he came up with was a couple of porn magazines. Spector enjoys his pre. inspections of the pits of the racing pits of the Indianapolis Prix way. He was responsible for all the drivers and crews safety. 
There was something about the pre race jitters. He so thought was manly. A heavy stench of male testosterone whaffed in the air from the pores of the  crew.
Thus causing the spector to get all mindfully into the memories of his past good old days in the special opts brigade. Where he rose and learbed to cope with everyday little reminders of the way life leads in even though life remains very still at times.
He then remembered his favorite tv show as a kid. The show dog super hero detective Rin Tin Tin
Yes these at last where the good old days. He was waffling out to Memory land when. The cries of a faint announcer brought him back into key phase and back to reality. 
He put in his report. Counted his blessings. Watched the local home grown son win the race. Then off he went to his wonderful small apartment home.

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