Armistead Lindsey Ben Vest Chain Poem David Guy Ramirez Lee Todd Lacks Michael Cunliffe Prunella Nadler

The Inexplicable

Collaboratively Written By: David Guy Ramirez, Ben Vest, Michael Cunliffe, Lee Todd Lacks, Prunella Nadler, & Armistead Lindsey

No one can ever explain
Existential enigmatic pain
Torrents of emotional rain.
Slipping sliding down the drain
Streaming through your brain
Why we respond with such refrain
Never, ever but why abstain ?
In Spain, there is a train
Some actually, prefer planes
But then it might require explaining
But the words seem to be fleeting
And their meaning dissolves
We get lost and caught up
Considering all that's involved
That we're unable, unwilling to truly evolve
This lie that we're living is killing us all

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