Chain Poem Member Write Showcase Rebel Jones Tracy Shults-Wright


Collaboratively Written By: Rebel Jones, & Tracy Shults-Wright

Without knowledge or awareness
Of our sphere-headed squareness
For truly... where is fairness?
When all you’ve known is stark spareness?
these creatures that exist in shadows, I have awareness...
and when they speak in tongues you know, are you prepared to fall into their flow?
Follow them down in colors intermingling, deeper until all you sense is the tingling?
Then lightning-
Full static release
Will they stay aside you ‘til your strength can increase?
and the madness gets introduced to the scenario and the Same frightening illusions increase with great details...
But I ask with great urgency... do they , to you , speak?
Regardless of the horrors of which they cause you to peek.
Do they abandon you, writhing , in full arrest of illusion?
"yes yes yes " I reply before reaching into the bright red color of my own eye to capture a mad thought from my own mind...
describe for this wretched soul just what it is there you find...
darkness and remarkable beauty deep and untapped before turned into manifested passion, before ignorance was diminished and
wisdom was rationed...
Do pieces fall away, and will they ever return? If not, tell me, from this loss what you learn...
I learned to travel the deepest parts of me where scrolls of souls histories reside on fire burning yearning for me to learn the secrets hidden from woman and man that fears internal self more than the wickedness of man in the world outside...
Your health of being is yet maintained, unearthly riches, I feel you’ve gained.
Traveling our universe to dimensions we won’t recognize... my imagination, it goes mad with what you’ve seen through your eyes!

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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