Armistead Lindsey Badura Glenda Pereira Ben Vest Chain Poem CJ Foster Melanie K Graves Member Write Showcase Tracy Shults-Wright

Racing Heart

Collaboratively Written By: Badura Glenda Pereira, Melanie K Graves, Armistead Lindsey, Ben Vest, CJ Foster, & Tracy Shults-Wright

My heart racing
Like a locomotive steaming through the canyon pass
Like it’s about to burst,
Can things get more frantic?
Though I tried to steady my heaving breaths
Body’s pumped to exhaustion unable to rest
Alarms sounding and heart pounding outside my chest
Ran diagnostics but failed the test
emotional ruin shown as physical stress
Swirls around like a flowy dress
Keep thinking, 'fuck it all' as I digress.
Forward momentum onwards progress
What I know is...
I can’t stop.
Is there a way beyond this mess?
As nagging annoying organs begun to protest
I have wanted for SO LONG to yank them off my plate!
exhale my lungs flatten, deflate
What builds within me, I so yearn to demonstrate.
but often in mind do I debate
How the world might fare as I unleash my hate.
upon society whom irate
leaves me no luxury in which to contemplate.
Or the right medication to numbly sedate
so I wish upon a distant star, summoning
my fairy godfather or mum.
for the force of an atomic bomb
to release this insane pressure and bring me a calm.
to soothe these aching heart beat drums
the negation of all those infinitely toxic sums.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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