Armistead Lindsey Chain Poem CJ Foster Prunella Nadler Ruth Doyle

Vegetable Patch

Collaboratively Written by: CJ Foster, Ruth Doyle, Tracy Shults-Wright, Prunella Nadler, & Armistead Lindsey

A door opened to
Let in a demon
Oh my heavens! No!
Tell me here that as a fact I am now dreamin!
But what if your not
If not, I am forsaken and all I believed has now been taken.
what I say to you.
Dont get shaken
Well I will try my best will think
After my bacon.
The bacon was tasty with some tomatoes
Would rather have potatoes
But I lost all my crop in the nightmare tornados
with my fine rutabagas and parsnips.
Lets hope a new season it grows
God willing , these demons will abandon my doorway.
no they will not stay

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