Cameron Batista Chain Poem Chelley Rice "Punk Poet" David Guy Ramirez Jesse Batista Lee Todd Lacks Member Write Showcase Sebastian Andrews Tracy Shults-Wright Wendy V Tanzer

Out Of Control

Collaboratively Written By: David Guy Ramirez, Jesse Batista, Cameron Batista, Wendy V Tanzer, Tracy Shults-Wright, Sebastian Andrews, Chelley Rice “Punk Poet”, & Lee Todd Lacks

Everything is out of control
Gonna kick back, relax and smoke a bowl.
Pay no mind to the craziness, just gonna let it roll.
Biding my time before I go
Like a snowball, it will roll, insanity from pole to pole.
The world, the proverbial shit hole
And that’s why everyone was hoarding toilet roll
Hey you with the crusty ass! The dude who smells of methane gas!
The only way to clear a room. Fume from a sonic boom...
Guy missed out. Got no rolls to hoard... putrid... left alone and bored.
but we don’t have to give a flying shit... C’mon spark it up and let’s take a fat hit!
I’m always up for a little Spleef. Puff puff pass some of that sweetleaf.
So we’ll just hang loose here in our happy cloud-
Let the bullshit roll on through.
We already plowed!
Fukking lunatic..
We can pass that spliff and do some heavy drinkin'. I'll flag down our waitress and tell her what I'm thinkin'.
We’re enjoyin’ this cozy enclave while all hell’s out breakin’ loose... do you think she’d be offended if I supplied the Doomsday goose?
I wonder if you might exhort her if you were to drop a quarter.
I’m not sure if under those conditions, I could comfortably give it a go. She’d be goin’ far too cut rate, kinda like she’d be a ho.
And I do have my principles... doncha know?
Then, let me drop that coin so I can watch this barmaid bend and hope she doesn't mind what I do to her rear end.
well... with that, I can’t compete... enjoy your little meat and greet!
Umm sir do you have something in your eye? Because it keeps winking...
Forgive me, but the pie I wish to order isn't on this menu.
I found a long curly blakk hair in my pie...
and it's too late to send her back. Oh, my my
So bend her over your knee & make her cry, cry, cry... 
This come from the heart and soul...
And then it went out of control.
It now has taken a a toll
so much I lost sight of the goal.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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