Ben Vest Member Write Showcase Prunella Nadler Rebel Jones Tracy Shults-Wright

Daily Stresses

Collaboratively Written By: Rebel Jones, Tracy Shults-Wright, Ben Vest, & Prunella Nadler

As the steaming water rained
And the stresses of the day
were claimed and washed away...
There were as yet some unattended that had been thoughtlessly tossed aside.
Over and underneath behind there will they always reside.
Far removed from any distant hope of any unearned pride.
Deep inside where they refuse to be reached by any recognized light...
A succubus tended them, as was her delight.
Once the rain subsided, her hairdo was a fright
But she was little worried, for she blended with her element... new-moon night.
Feeding them on maggots and gangrenous flesh
and with the wavelengths the curse she was occupied so softly did she enmesh.
She needs gather herself, as her hunger grew treacherous.
she fed and birthed from what the boys bed wetted in entranced sexually enhanced dreams leaving thought of boys into men so disgustingly treacherous.
Oh, how she coaxed them.
She wrapped them in her trance.
to search for wayward young boys, for their souls grew she lecherous.
Taking her time, for to her, this was romance
The romance that kept her malevolence hungry and living.
Hunger, as a thing, itself - has much torment to be giving
Torment... her pride and the one thing from which she never tried to hide.
For in torment was her purpose and she would not be denied.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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