Ben Vest Color Prompt Member Write Showcase

Gray Monster

By Ben Vest

As the sun goes down, the light frays,
With barking hounds, the sounds of strays,
Darkness surrounds, as shadows play,
Crawling from the ground, from where they lay.

Their daylight slumber,
Awakens with the moon,
To feed their hunger,
Feeding soon,
With eyes like embers,
Fiery maroons,
These pale skin walkers,
Creepy goons,
A haunting reminder,
With floaty balloons,
A ghastly endeavor,
With clowning buffoons.

Waking up, eyes are blurry,
A touch to wipe,
Swear, I saw something scurry,
Retracting it’s bite,
As it was in a hurry,
A creepy crawly type,
Dusty and dirty,
Retreated its fight,
But the night was still early.

Sprang from the bed,
Attentively alert,
With a foggy head,
And sweaty shirt,
It could’ve fed,
Like I’m dessert,
I wasn’t dead,
But wasn’t unhurt,
The things it said,
Spinning the squirt,
The trail it led,
Like old yogurt,
The gray sacked eggs,
Hatched to contort,
My skin sheds,
As my vision distorts.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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