Chain Poem CJ Foster Linda Sims Lang Member Write Showcase Prunella Nadler Tracy Shults-Wright


Collaboratively Written by: CJ Foster, Tracy Shults-Wright, Linda Sims Lang, & Prunella Nadler

Mid Dream, in the back of my mind
I had hope that the magic, again I might find.
I had hope that as I gazed upon the into the moon’s bewitching eyes,
Her cool warmth would seize my passion, arresting my heartfelt cries.
My body had been slipping, through my fingers and it slipped swiftly from my hands.
Raising such cacophony!
While dark things stalk the periphery, chants a low, unnerving growl.
Slithering on my left side, approaching, hissing out my name-
Towards me an angelic among the forsaken with such a hunger none could tame.
It’s form to me,
But I could feel it drawing near.
“ Lo changeling!” to me came her hiss,
“ What brings you a creeping on a day such as this?”
As she insinuated herself like a hobble entwined with my legs,
You're hurting me, I gasped
And with that I began to beg..
Twas just a harmless dream that brought this wayfarer here.
But in middream in the back of my mind
I woke awash in tears
And I felt myself anchored to the earth by the grasp of this starved fallen... as she hissed my name and appraised me for dining.
“I have use for such as you are, cease you pointless whining.”
Then the moon, her heart of glass breaking, felt moved to intervene.
Her beams snaked gently round me, embracing the fallen, removed from her grip at first taste.
On the ground , the fallen was writhing, crying for mercy to be shown her.
But the moon, in her rage burst into a flame , consuming this fallen to leave this heart alone.
“ Through ages long forgotten, souls have been besotted with choice... and many are stifled into losing their voice,”

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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