Chain Poem Lee Todd Lacks Member Write Showcase Rebel Jones Tracy Shults-Wright

Outside Myself

Collaboratively Written By: Rebel Jones, Tracy Shults-Wright, & Lee Todd Lacks

I just walked right outside of myself
And aroused the raising of the veil that separates a world unseen but all around us...
I stand ...
So glad to see all that found us.
... so happy to see a fresh dimension now found.
Curious because I didn’t recognize the sound...
I heard it once in a dream though through the windows and distant wind as a haunting song...
as it was a dream, it born in me a wish that at waking, such a beauty could draw my soul along.
and a voice spoke internally that said travel deep into this world for this world is actually within and the deeper that you go the farther from your illusions of reality the longer you will be gone...
Far gone.
Far away.
Too far from all the things you know,
Too gone to find another way.
it's settled then and like Aerosmith and Run DMC said I began to walk this way...
This way.
That way.
One way it’s not?
Flat way!
All you feel,
You can convey.
Walk the walk in any way you may.
I was hesitant to continue to conversation fore I wasn't sure if I was talking with you or me or are we one in the same???
Labels can confuse one, as well as labels can define.
Identify this interaction in any manner that will align.
And is not so insistent that it your spirit will confine for the fodder it feeds you will fatten you for to dine on by the denizens of great dark.
Answer not-
For they will hark.
As you embark on a journey apart from your flesh and heart, but when you return your mind will be filled with poetic art.
and you're not the shrinking violet that they might have been expecting
grab the stick and be the pilot and let them see what you're projecting

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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