Badura Glenda Pereira Ben Vest Chelley Rice "Punk Poet" Fe Paglinawan Jesse Batista Lee Todd Lacks Prunella Nadler Tracy Shults-Wright

Arms In The Air

Collaboratively Written By: Badura Glenda Pereira, Tracy Shults-Wright, Ben Vest, Jesse Batista, Fe Paglinawan, Prunella Nadler, Lee Todd Lacks, Chelley Rice

My arms in the air
And know it sounds trite... but I just didn’t care.
Swinging back & forth like a signal flare.
Preach your criticism to the goddamn wind
Just waving and stretching.
WHO KNOWS? ... I might just grow a wild hair, commencin’ then to bend!
Doing the limbo, like I used to, my friend
Not sure what they do now, what is the trend?
Does she tie her shoe so she can show off her rear end?
My actions depend on what you intend
My intentions are taking a long midnight stroll under a silver glowing moon...
... and I’ve heard midnight under the moon ‘round these parts, it’s often best to bring yourself a goon, who is even more helpful if he can carry a tune!
Yes if knot you may end up In a car trunk gagged & bound...
Are you aware of any interested baboon?
I'm Knot, personally I don't care to be. I'm interested in the finer things like a chilled bottle of California Cabernet...
wine is fine, whiskey’s better.
No but tequila will with anything...
Don’t cause me much concern, as long as it makes the whistle wetter!
Yes ma'am...
in nothing but a slip with her arms up in the air, she tells me the French name for her fancy underwear
 and that’s all fine and dandy, but we were discussin’ a bout of drinkin’. Are you partial to imbibe or you just voicin’ whatcha thinkin’?
I'm all good with drinkin' when it leads to love and laughter, but I must confess to thinkin' about the mischief that comes after 😉
Or even during! Drinkin’s the spurring that can cause a mess of incidents like that you mention there occurring.
Courage in a cup can reduce your inhibition when both of you wind up in some naughty new positions.
oh my!
But you've put me in the most awkward position...
Are we going to role play patient & physician?
You know what my favorite tool is...
Let's see what my heart says about this...

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