Accolade Winner Showcase C. L. Liedekev June Accolades

I, Scissors

By C. L. Liedekev

I am my own fulcrum,
one blade overlapping
another, arms slicing
the horizon. The pivot
of the finger brace
as it slides into her hand.
Transformation from
sisters of pain to one
single spear point.
Click of wedding ring
on a plastic handle,
an echo buried deep
in the screams
of the room. I decide
not to see, but
feel the sting of air
as it slides around
my form, an ex-lover.
I am a raptor in flight,
freedom as a form
of release, as a form
of rebirth. I hear
the whimper of a child
under a blanket,
the sad drop of a man’s
laugh into reality,
then nothing before
the taste of meat and blood,
the plunge into his shoulder
already scarred. I can
feel the pain, a rippling tide,
the desperation of hands
on my handle. I understand
now agony lives beyond
the impact of a blade.
I try to open my arms
to embrace the man,
to take away the pain.
But my arms are now
the unyielding crux of his life.

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