Accolade Winner Showcase C. L. Liedekev June Accolades

Excerpt from the Ohio MFA edition of the Wordmaster’s Guide for Poets and Pixies RPG

By C. L. Liedekev

  1. Ex-Girlfriend Poet: Your ex-chats you. Her wife is unhappy. She tells you the
    story again about the smooth end of the butter knife. Lose eight hours of sleep.
  2. Ignorant English Poet Mark: You are pulled into a Dover Mobius Pit as he
    explains that white power and black power mean the same as they are the same
    words. You lose all respect for yourself for 3-6 days.
  3. RubbleLeaves: 15th level Instapoet, armed with a book deal and 50,000 real
    followers. Their most liked poem starts with, “I am made of tears and stars..”.
    Your liver takes weekend date damage but you recover.
  4. Pack of Older Dire Trolls: 4-6 Trolls provide feedback on your posted poem.
    Each one is recently divorced and makes allusions to how poetry ended with the
  5. Jack’s HIV Ghost: More sheath than spirit, his jaw as crooked as a threat. He
    offers you his shiny teeth and a line if you find his novel about NYC Rats.
  6. Feral Haiku: Your new haiku (Summer 93 – Explain the skin/it moved in jersey
    sunlight/ like plastic in fire) bolts and rots into the lazy bones of senryu.
  7. Rigpa Aspen Miracle: Your college Prof. Skin smooth as silverware, a soft iris
    that bound as your muse as she wraps a finger in the curl of her hair. Go clean
    your pants.
  8. The Custodian: He appears as a short slim man pulling a cart as long as a coffin,
    its wood as meaningful as an eclipse. He is cutlery-handed, coming for every
    word you will forget. Lose three of your best closing lines.
  9. Curse of YA: You have forgotten how to understand children. All your poems are
    bearded and ugly-cute, pun-dumped like swallowing cobblestones until your
    lungs are hidden under them. As if this was real, your pockets filled with gold and
    a sense of deserved genius.
  10. Rhymeheretix: Pack of 3. Two male. One Female. Exposed fingers counting each
    syllable as they chitter in a language of perfect villanelles and cinquains.
  11. Dying Doppelganger: Sprawled, half out of the drainage ditch. Face still you, but
    free of smug eyes, of that dick-burnt fear, of ego, that safe behind a Vogmask.
  12. Uncle Don of the Unchanging Tide: All you hear is yelling that rolls into
    complaining as spellcraft. He dries up into meaningless dust before he even
    matters. Anger smells like old books, missed chances, and queer sons.
  13. The Roadrunner: A streak across a turned-up sky like a red line of French curses.
    You are turned into a senior in high school, your testicles hanging out of your
    shorts and pelted with laugh after laugh staining all those good times gone.
  14. An Exclamation of New Poets: Adverb-heavy armor, saying poets that curse are
    traitors, JC is their favorite poet as he wrote in a mistake-less language. Every
    word as true as their own. A voice tells you to turn into salt to escape.
  15. Talking Meat Hook Trap: Over and over it spouts lines that make Jewel look like
    Geoffery Hill. “I am becoming something more, but you heard it all before.”,
    “Something about tunnels gives you a sense of transcendence esp. the lighted
    ones”, The city borrows names – An eyelash kiss.” Take damage to your pride and
    lose three handfuls of hair below the neckline.

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