Accolade Winner Showcase June Accolades Prunella Nadler


By Prunella Nadler

Cats like boxes
And anything clean
I'd send one to you
Or is that mean?
Up high,down low
Or somewhere in between 

They enjoy air,wind
Things seen and oft unseen
Flying insects,bugs,moths
I think they are
Accepting of goths

They prefer their food
To fight back a bit
Flaked,creamed or pate
That fancy canned sh..
Is not really natural
But you're not a cat
They added corn to the
Cheap ones
How about that

But they surround me
And share their power
I release them 
And crawl to the tower
Dreaded steps
A moat of worry
The view is better
And i cannot hurry

They frolic,fight and scamper
In my rented yard
Dogs bark,children snarl
Surrounded on both sides
The license lady said to leash them
Can you imagine the tangle?
I told her to get into
Her nice truck
To stay around would be
A gamble

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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