Accolade Winner Showcase C. L. Liedekev June Accolades

Jim Brown Burns Everything

By C. L. Liedekev

Hands like 1970s rockets
Bronx brick smasher
Thick trunks smash shields
In half
Bend Steve Rogers Clones
America built of forest
And choice
His knees young and high
Pouring through black-clad
Boots heels like burrowed ego
Deep in streets born of struggle
Born of the repetition of worn shoes
No fault in those fingers
Clad in tiny dashikis
5% is enough anger for him
To breathe the panther fire of Evers
Mouth a fountain of truth
Lies burn first
Burn hot as mothers tears
Burn hotter than real words
The night glows with change
Its light remembers the ignorant
Remembers Watts
Remembers the dates
Scorch march on a calendar
And Jim Brown is the juggernaut
Running over van and tank
Jim Brown mashing white Jesus
Jim Brown has the chief in a headlock
His muscles in flux
Billboard that rewrites scripture
Muscles that wake the choir
and remind everyone
What planet they fear
Jim Brown cleans
The streets with the black
Shirts blue shirts
Brownshirts national guard

And the offensive line
Of the 2020 NYC swat team
Born of stiff arms and honest soul
He is the needed massacre
Chairs burning as a new city
Windows broken as angels wings
Cars smashed as open psych wards
Laws melt like paper laws
Jim Brown is the people
The people bored of the dry air
The people burning in their own shit
The people beat over and over
The people told to shut up and sit down
The people who will bring
Everything to fire to save it.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved

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