Lee Todd Lacks Member Write Showcase writers challenge prompt


By Lee Todd Lacks

I remember
watching Fame
one Thursday night
in the Lenehans' finished attic
all the girls were in their
nightgowns and
we all had the naughty butterflies
for reasons we couldn't explain, but
everything was fine until
Maureen got caught with a nip bottle
she had swiped from her parents' liquor cabinet
and I got a lump in my throat when Mr. Lenehan
said he was going to spank her in front of everybody.
We all knew better than to challenge Mr. Lenehan's
authority, but it was hard to ignore our sweet friend's pleas
to keep her panties on. Afterwards, Maureen made us
all swear not to tell anybody what had happened, so she
became the subject of my furtive sketches.

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