Jesse Batista Member Write Showcase Poetic Letter

August Rain

By Jesse Batista

The smell of salt air and memories anew. Like déjà vu my thoughts of you. The heat was so hot, the day mundane. That is until the sky bled August rain. Most bolted for shelter as the thunder boomed, the storm of a lifetime suddenly loomed. There you stayed with wind swept hair. Drenched in the monsoon without a care. I remember your laugh, intrigued by your smile. I was captivated by your nature, charm and style. You stood and taunted the hostile sea. Alive in your element, high in your reality. I knew then, that fateful day, that I to you, should have made my way. I smiled at the thought of taking the chance, in a daze; an enchanted trance. Verity took that smile away as I thought that life I could never portray. I can only hope, though, I know not when, that our paths will cross again. Loneliness has sadly become my fate since I turned and walked away from my one true soulmate.

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