First Line Prompt


By CJ Foster

If only there were justice?
Oh there is
And it comes
In a reaper's robe
Disguised as the bauble
Of your heart's content
Presented so intuitively
Your greedy coveting
Camouflaged the stench

And you took it
Like you deserved it
Oh and you are
So very deserving
Do eat it up
Roll around in it
Let it fill you
Flaunt it in my face
Before it leaves you

Vomiting black tar
Skin peeling from bone
Horrified as it becomes
The nothing it always was
Your carcass eternally empty
Hobbling on knees
Begging for... an end?
Sorry, I don't speak gurgling

If you can still think
Through the agony
Do you regret your crimes?
Ahaha gotcha, I don't care
But this - your ending
Tho still too good for you
Is justice served
And the very bauble
Of my heart's content

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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