Accolade Winner Showcase Cameron Batista May Accolade Winners

Your Burdensome Cell

By Cameron Batista

You can run, you can hide; you cannot escape the feeling inside. Its real, it’s true, you can lie to yourself but, you knew. Time will make no difference in what you feel; it is the reality of your heart, it is pain and it is real. The physicality of the past is not the state, it is not what is bringing the inclusive hate. Carnage of the soul, emotional destitution; A weary mind of unsorted convolution. This may be your actuality, it may be your fate. At some point in time, it may even abate. This is also your genuineness, your authenticity, your reason for living, your creativity. There is good in the vileness of the prior hell. Don’t deprave yourself in a burdensome cell.

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