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Keepsake Memories

By Cameron Batista

The Raven squawks the news of your imminent arrival

Loyal council to the “queen”

Again, darkening my door?

As of mist you glide though the pitch blackness

Full of grace… and ego

Demanding my presence while

dulling the moons subtle glow

There is a foul stench of decay in the air

Blooms wilt as you pass by

Through your tattered hooded cloak your features are indistinguishable

But, I know thy name

You won’t be pouring guilt into my chalice this night

Your approach takes pause

Stopped, faced with the ruins of your own tragic life

Without words your mind rambles nonsense

A Plea of innocence

Fabrications, creations to thwart your guilt

I can hear the utters that resemble your twisted truth

Relinquished to the hands of hell was I

And the door slammed on the rest of my life

Damned for your sake

A package presented by your crimson stained hands

A box, dripping with the blood of the innocent

Locked inside, these keepsake memories

Forgive echo’s in the hollow chambers where your heart should have been

Empty and vial as the creature before me

The consequence of choices made are holding you fast

The rubble left in your wake is now your eternal dungeon

Your pitiful soul Left forlorn

Let the tears fall like rain

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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