Accolade Winner Showcase May Accolade Winners Tracy Shults-Wright

Minor Diversions

By Tracy Shults-Wright

I cannot hold these tears back...


Is a child left to cry 
No defense around their innocence
Then stripped?
The blood of sacrifice
Has dripped
Upon it’s altar
Comes a flood
So viscous
Sticks to all
Like mud
You turn away
But won’t escape
What’s imminent 
Your own damned rape.

For your own salvation
How you begged
But walk aslant
Very dog-legged
The pomp and circumstance that you’re immersed in every day
Is a cushion for which you’ll dearly pay
A price you’ve not the foresight to know
Or are able to develop the wisdom from which to grow.

The cursed are ever driven by a compulsion to binge
Window dressing is such a blessing 
Disguising well
The toxic fringe
Of which they’re more a part
Than anything that has a heart
In that embrace
You will unhinge.

They’ll pick you up and dust you off
They’ll lend a hand and do you right
And all they’ll ever ask
Is that you look beyond those minor diversions
That they practice
In the night.

Slipping unscathed through years of embarrassing accusations 
Is only a product of most fortuitous relations
And others that required some highly attentive cultivation 
But for this affliction 
There’ll be no vaccinations.
And sooner or later
There’ll be no place to hide
No way to back pedal
By then
You’ll be fried
No way to make excuses
Saying you had no way to know
Because there’ll be no doubt you did
And this is what you’ll have to show.
Is right to protect a friend who perpetrates such a wrong?
Or does it lie in the eye of the beholder all along?
Isn’t innocence a quality precious that we should fight to keep pure?
If not-
The darkest pronouncements of prophecy are more than assured.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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