Armistead Lindsey Ben Vest Brandon Snyder Chain Poem CJ Foster Daniel Bogogolela David Guy Ramirez Fe Paglinawan Ian Visible Lee Todd Lacks Rebel Jones Ruth Doyle Tracy Shults-Wright


Collaboratively Written By: David Guy Ramirez, Ben Vest, Lee Todd Lacks, CJ Foster, Armistead Lindsey, Ruth Doyle, Ian Visible, Rebel Jones, Daniel Bogogolela, Brandon Snyder, Tracy Shults-Wright, & Fe Paglinawan

Here we go again...
Another adventure begins
My cousin and her mom are having a "discussion"
An open dialogue leading to..
Many other worldly views
If they ever listened to each other that is
With many similarities so different than this
Well their views are quite diverse
Always interrupting, they both wanna speak first
So they decided to toss a coin
But when it landed on it's side
The bickering drowned them with an almighty tidal wave
Do they called in best friend dave
To decide the undecidable for as it's seen
Dave told my cousin Stacy's mom, "I know how to end this battle."
Smacking his palm with the edge of his paddle.
Now his done to his hand some damage
Speaking typos unable to manage.
So had to start again
After a few smacks they’ll be on the mend.
So I will have to get up and press send
Each of them nursing a sore rear end
Maybe after a rest that you
Need to spend
Before it sends you around the bend
Verbal assaults they contend
Cos they went to find a friend
Well I’m sure they could pretend.
Sure it will work out in the end
But if not it’s their life’s to defend
Well maybe a hand will lend
Lets go into the cot and take the babies rattle
How bout no, and let’s get Betsy’s saddle?
Then she will run off
I will say skedaddle
That's if she wasn't still sore from the sting of the paddle
Well she wasn't but her brain was a bit addle(d)
As Betsy stood rubbing her rear end, Dave said, "You oughta think before you prattle."
With a gooey gravy dripping ladle.
Betsy waits eagerly as she thrusts out her hips
Bracing for impact of belts and whips.
Contradicting herself with each set of lips
Lessons never learned from the strokes of the belt.
Or any punishments
That have been dealt
She had a dark rebellious essence about her...
As she had been to hell and back
And this time won’t be attacked
For she has pillaged and ransacked
Gathering her things, she packed.
And went out on her way
but she knew she needed discipline, so she ultimately chose to stay
With a man who had been bruising her.
But she needed vengeance cos she
Was such a bitch
It was her turn with the switch
Should she slay or stay with someone who scratched her guilty itch?
Concoct a potion, cast a spell? Anything’s capable for this naughty witch.
That's when their places have now been swapped
but if Dave ever finds out about Betsy's vengeful plot
Surely he would punish her and leave her to rot
which might lead us to wonder if she's hoping to get caught
And then the plans- all to hell will be shot!
Those lines between pleasure and pain seem to be getting very thin. Here we go again. 😈
To get back where we’ve been with a dollop more sin.
No time for losers, it's time to win
So, no frontin’ me off Betsy! ... I am the evil twin!
can we just sit down?
let us stop this nonsense.
Fair enough! Is what I hear speaking a voice of calm reason?

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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