Accolade Winner Showcase April Accolade Winners Chelley Rice "Punk Poet"

Happy In The Shadows

By Chelley Rice “Punk Poet”

I keep myself hid in the night's shade
I duck down in the folds so I can fade
No-one can see me behind shadows
I'm alive when I hear echoes hollow
It's perfect inside a night dark & starry
It gives me no reason for feeling sorry
In the depths of its corners I am home
I love to dance in the moon's chrome
Serenading my feet to the Wolf's howl
Into deep evening a beast who prowls
I find numbing comfort under midnight
My brutal misery, brought alive in light
I always knew night was my mother
It has sheltered me in it's thikk cover
I can see the night's breeze whisper
Brush my lips tenderly sweet kisser
I have buried myself in the daylight
Only to come storming bakk to night
It speaks to me in a voice only I knew
I could feel myself as I steadily grew
I don't ever have the need to sob here
It has stifled all my quiet doubts & fear
I am exactly the woman that I wanted
I'm so pleased that me & night bonded

The Punk Poet…
   Always Be Punk…
Always Be Drunk…
(On Poetry)

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