Accolade Winner Showcase April Accolade Winners Chelley Rice "Punk Poet"

Darkness’ Poessession

By Chelley Rice “Punk Poet”

Night was draping in a heavy pall
Was it a nightmare that would befall?
Whispers heard drifted from the trees
Frost was settling in for a hard freeze

Hanging from the sky ominous death
Would it steal all of passion's breath?
Swirling the night was doom & despair
Kneel in silence & stifle pitiful prayers

Thirst blood from every cranny & nook
This like nothing you've read in a book
The heavens will spill saints & angels
Just know that it's going to be painful

Darkness is going to take possession
All joy will be replaced with depression
Hate will flow from all the open veins
Nothing but rotting corpses will remain

With the swipe of my finger I will erase
Every last memory of the human race
I have no sympathy for those who fear
Let me make my words perfectly clear

There's no saving yourselves tonight
So make sure to extinguish your fight
All you can do is prove you're worthy
Show me you can be free of mercy

I need soldiers to march by my side
That won't become inflated with pride
Strike down anyone that's in my way
Bury them in the earth where they lay

Destruction can be a gratifying feeling
Give into my ways & begin believing
I'm heartless yes, but I'll give you sin
Agony & pain will be your second skin

So now I'll unleash all my brutal forces
Feel so alive while adrenaline courses
Hell rose above heaven so long ago
I showered everything with shadows

I'm the only salvation you've got left
Seek sanctuary come into my breast
I mean no harm as long as you follow
Endure & take comfort in your sorrow

Otherwise feel the edge of my sword
I have pain & suffering kept in hoards
Tonight is my debut, time to release
And everything you know will cease

The Punk Poet…
   Always Be Punk…
Always Be Drunk…
(On Poetry)

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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