Accolade Winner Showcase April Accolade Winners Chelley Rice "Punk Poet"

Blakk Mask

By Chelley Rice “Punk Poet”

The mask I wear hides my blakk
From all the bone crushing cracks
Deliver to me my only known doom
On my hollow grave daisies bloom
Mommy never helped me with cries
Battered & smashed as no surprise
I hide in my dark closet try to escape
I keep hidden inside soul was raped
A slap to the face doesn't really hurt
But feeling disgusting I'm filthy as dirt
At first I screamed late into the night
No-one heard, silence ended my fight
Tap tap tap on my cold window's pane
My happy dreams are a place in vain
I question should I tell someone else?
Here comes some more painful welts
Teacher asked once what happened?
How did you get that eye blakkened?
I covered up with regretful blatant lies
No-one cares that I'm full of gurl cries
In my bed deep into midnight's trace
Daddy comes in to smell my kewl lace
Next thing I recall was the room spun
I knew this silent monster finally won
I cry to who? No-one has ever listened
At birth my flesh had been christened
Now I cut myself to feel the cold numb
I can hear an Angel's quiet harp strum
Will a soul reach beyond a final end?
Because I don't think I can ever mend

The Punk Poet…
   Always Be Punk…
Always Be Drunk…
(On Poetry)

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