Accolade Winner Showcase April Accolade Winners Michael Cunliffe

Soft As Grey, Faded Lines

By Michael Cunliffe

I am soft as grey, faded lines,
Tattoo ink of erstwhile choices,
Memories marked on a now-sagging buttock
Once firm and eager to be eyeballed,
Now hiding in yoga pants,
Only brought into daylight
For excretions and evening showers,
Then buried under profile pics stolen from
Yesteryear, filtered and filtered again.

I am gentle as hands
That vibrate with friction
As they slide up and slide down
A fleshy thigh, reclining
With the familiarity of declining
Moments; an intimate, aching abandon
Perchance weekly, or monthly
As the moments become fleeting,
This year, the next, and the next.

I am quiet as unwhispered confidences
That soothe weary heads
Stroked by the tropical sun
Through worn, grey venetian blinds,
Dusty at 5:30 am, while a fifteen-year-old
Box air con cemented into the wall
Wheezes cool, acrid air
Over a body stretching for the snooze button –
Reaching, reaching, yet never quite reaching.

Β© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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