Accolade Winner Showcase April Accolade Winners Chelley Rice "Punk Poet"

As The Night Falls Silent

By Chelley Rice “Punk Poet”

As the night falls silent under blakk skies
It does knot deceive or tell you vicious lies
Everything you fear it's hidden in the shade
You'll be running for your life from the blade

Things that go bump in the night sets blame
The smooth mink night doesn't feel shame
It's prediction of fates watch as they unfold
The bottom of the evening burns with cold

Hidden in the depths of fire that offers hope
Begging for the clinching fibers of the rope
It's a playground for torture that you dreamt
As the fears in your gut begins to augment

Kneeling to the chasing gun is standard
The echo in the dense words is hammered
Tiptoe through jagged thorns that burn white
Will you give into your horrors of the night?

Maybe you should decide to become as one
Give into a frigid silver moon & banish the hot sun
Yes you can pretend you're knot all alone
As the night digs into your shivering bones

Laughing in its face only because you must
Night torments souls who's digging dust
From the shadows an eerie cry brings sobbing
The pounding in your head temples throbbing

It beckons you to come to an agreement
Do away with complaints & settle your grievance
Your choices are simple if you want to keep living
The night is unfathomable & it keeps on giving

Deeply bury the hatchet into your own head
Make your blood spill out staining with red
Plead to the pits & cry out for your forgiveness
If you love the nightfall you'll become fearless

Once you've accepted a destiny being frozen
The moon is falling & nightmares are closing
The ground below freezes its hollow & cavernous
Possibly then is when you'll find true happiness

The Punk Poet…
   Always Be Punk…
Always Be Drunk…
(On Poetry)

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