Armistead Lindsey Ben Vest Chain Poem CJ Foster Davina Purnell Prunella Nadler

Stylish Unicorn

Collaboratively Written By: Ben Vest, Armistead Lindsey, Prunella Nadler, Davina Purnell, & CJ Foster

I caught him dressing a unicorn
Carefully bedazzling it’s horn.
He attempted a flower wreath but none with thorns
Just the itty bitty blossoms, like flowers born
But the unicorn just glared with scorn
"Flowers would be just fine but I'm a fighter pay you mind"
So he wrapped it in rainbow leather and sparkly twine
No glitter, don't fritter your dollars away
Or shiny bits that make you itch
But those cheap pastel paints make it all look quite kitsch
Adding a touch of class with a hefty side of sass
A gold choker charm placed a message in script graced
'Ride or die bitch'

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