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Your Bra Strap Have A Humour

By Anjil Sardar

Long before I smelled your skin 
I sensed an auspicious vibe from a distance of a couple of inchs maybe ,
Not of the perfume , but some soul moulding aroma, I could not find a trace of , but very fresh and satisfying, right from your nodes of skin from your back , when I unbuttoned your shirt and through my tongue , I moistening your upper back , climbing down straight from the spine .
Your bra strap have a humour ,
The pins on both the adjacent  end of the cloth ,bridging two ends of equal length poped open on my upper lip
You did not waste a moment to grip my lip with yours ,gently softening by your saliva ,your tongue as brush.
By the time your left breast , cast a brief look , when the cupped cloth gone down through your left shoulder , like a curtain ,
On the grammo , in the corner beside the window, Mazurka op.67, No.2 in G minor by Chopin .

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