Purple Wishes

Purple Wishes

By Ben Vest

Gazing towards the cosmos,
Fire erupts trailing tails,
Shooting asteroid glows,
Showering iridescent hails,
Curving straight it goes,
Crashing into the dales,
As if I were to know,
That all my wishes failed.

Slingshot astronomy,
I simply pulled it back,
Letting go of the intimacy,
Or suffer another heart attack,
Paying with currency,
Unable to fix the crack,
Escaping with urgency,
Like running track,
Exhaustion without mercy,
In this sky so black,
Raining with the fury,
Without an umbrella packed.

The night was so clear,
My thoughts clouded,
The sky raining tears,
As thunderous impacts shouted,
To wish away these fears,
Lost and rerouted,
Falling to this sphere,
To eliminate the crowded,
Trajectory veers,
Yet I’m still surrounded.

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