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Empty Bottle

By Marivic Nemi

Give me your freedom, 
Then I'll will give you , your wisdom.. 

Give me , your heavy reason! as being imaginative... 
I would never run away like a fugitive.. 

Lend me your ear.. 
Then I'll be prepare.. 

Lend me your eyes.. 
So I'm not melting like an ice..

Don't try to borrow a mirror... 
I couldn't see the interior ...

Don't stare on empty bottle from nothingness.. 
So I could never imprison by emptiness..

Set apart for a certain purpose.. 
You will see!  I never refuse..

Set the boundary clear.. 
I'll watch my steps no fear..

May you fortify the piece of acceptance.. 
While I'm breathing and go the distance.. 

May you introduce thyself open arms.. 
And I will never surrender my firearms.. 

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.


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