Accolade Winner Showcase March Accolade Winners Marivic Nemi

Benefits Of Mankind

By Marivic Nemi

Beep sound of atmosphere.. 
Extended direct duration..

How awkward to be complacent..?
An obscure bout to reveal..

Instead of being haunted by dimness..
Give it a try for perspicuity..

None of earthborn are obtuseness...
Moreover in the sharp of edges..

Research for all the benefit of mankind..
Inconspicuous child of the sun...

Our quirks and deeds not supposed 
to the land ..
Yet the silence ameliorative,  supportive 
as declaring glory..

All the creations can hold together..
By the source of thy voice...

In sequence soliditary... 
Let us eradicate viciousness.. 

Immediate action of goodness was imperative...
As looking forward for the tremendous shadow of futurity..

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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