Accolade Winner Showcase LaVan Robinson March Accolade Winners

Give Me A Title

By LaVan Robinson

To please you always is what I’ll do if you let me love you like I supposed to. You say that you love me but I just don’t see it. The love is there but not whenever I need it. It’s yourself you only take into consideration, maybe that’s why our relationship is on the verge of rapid deterioration. Maybe nothing is all that you want and feeling this way really hurts and I have to be blunt. This love does have a chance to be salvage if we both together just dig through the wreckage and replace what we can always remembering that when times are piled up against us, to be there to lend a badly needed hug or a helping hand. The love that I have for you is essential as well as vital. Hey, and if you truly feel the way that I’m feeling then for this relationship girl, please give me a title

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