Accolade Winner Showcase March Accolade Winners Marivic Nemi

Standing Ovation

By Marivic Nemi

If ever I lost! 
In the mist of time.. 
At the age of glory.. 
Hope you are fine.. 

You are my song.. 
When I never expect.. 
My words to leak.. 
And life out of rhyme.. 

The soundtrack of your smile.. 
Surely forwarded into mine 
The lyrics of your rhythmic. 
I would never rash in line ..

Here comes my tender care., 
The star in the night.., 
The dawn and sunrise.. 
As soon as I awaken.. 

What's going on? 
Wanna end so soon.. 
Just eagerly to meet thee in-person., 
Nevertheless it's kinda horizon .

From faraway ,.. or thousand islands., 
Different background of universe.. 
 I am occupying., where our hearts entwine. 
Thanks to the almighty gave me privilege. 

I don't ready to depart, 
It's not the art of letting you go.., 
There's no thicker blood.., 
To stay by your side. . 

Just only tomorrow is my lovely excuse.. 
I can invest now for tommorow's dream. 
Till I cannot discover the new ocean.. 
Having the courage to lose sight of the shore.. 

Be my  exemplary look out of forever., 
To finally touch the clever devine,. 
Dazzling in beautiful angelic.., 
I am someone who believes in you. 
In this bordeless world., 
Too many ulterior and trickster., 
As long as your boundaries clear.., 
Don't be hopeless,,.. stay different. 

So kindly curve your lips., 
As I requested sing all around .. 
In all aspect,  dance, face the music ..
And I'll show you my 
    " tallest finger is  standing ovation"..

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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