The Ebb And Flow

The Ebb And Flow

By Kay Bradley

The sea as gentle as a morning breeze
Bids me sail to a foreign distant shore
Sun kisses me with a tantalizing tease
I set my sights to sail the seas once more

Closing doors to memories of my home
Mesmerizing stimulating sights call to me
Not lonely, yet I sail silently alone
With gentle winds affirming that I’m free

In an Instant, storm clouds form a threat
And yet I sail on my quirky quest
I hear the thunder, feel the slashing wet
Still convinced that going on is best

The wind retorts with gusts of wrath
Releasing fear, withering to my soul
I try to escape the sudden storm’s path
The sun is frozen from the chilling cold

Storm passes, but l’ve lost my will to roam
The wind at my back, I’m coming home

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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