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Like Gestapo in February

By Anjil Sardar

Plenty of years it has been now 
Errors by terrors , we have seen how 
But time after time , ounce by ounce 
We have seen the skin , turn black from brown 
We shaped a mass to rain the hound 
They sold the pride and beat the ground 
Like a day in a year 
Like Gestapo in February

Straight , curley, coily hairs and trimmed , flooding  the streets being  people's regime
A sight to see a place to be 
A word to seek to say 
Girls and boys with flags and toys 
To desmostrate the black house reality
To plead their mouth 
To hate their shout 
Like a funeral , crate we seen 
Like Gestapo in February

Not the ones who see the fun 
In front of your tv , but time run 
As it's time , to check the pulse of time 
In time of worse , it stays  bit long 
In time of bliss never discovered
Such blood on street 
Those lashes  like beasts 
Those words , who heard 
Like Gestapo in February

This Piece Explained

“Here [West Bengal, India] the ruling government are fascists; no job , no factory, employment scarcity , criminal syndicates , and a list of other criminal activities are going on On a protest march held on this year’s February lead by the student’s wings of communist party of India ( Marxist) and other left student wings organisations in a very peaceful manner . The march started from College Street in Kolkata heading towards our chief minister’s office . On the way her (our CM’s) police charged baton in such a way that some students and youths died , some went missing . I was there in the march . This protest march I related with the march on April in Germany Which is famously known as the white rose movement, when Germany was under Adolf Hitler . That was a blood shed too.” – Anjil Sardar

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