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A Fine Example

By Lee Todd Lacks

She’s sniffling and rubbing her rear end
and he’s overcome with guilt and shame
she was urging him not to give up hope
as she freely took the blame
the refrain that all the neighbors have heard
a hundred times before
the fervent cries of anguish they
continue to ignore
you can see the ladies wincing with their
ears against the wall
ashamed by their arousal as they
listen to it all
until the day their husbands choose
to follow their neighbor's lead
and give their blushing brides the thorough whippings
that they need
and so, the raging sickness spreads
to all the patriarchal heads
of every household in the row
the procedure all the women know
“You'd better take your panties down
before you lift your skirt!
the longer he has to wait for you,
the more it’s gonna hurt!”
and for as much she whines and wails
her entreaties are to no avail
hoping this might be the day
he decides to put the strap away
the day he falls down to his knees
and begs her to forgive him please
for having whipped her with a belt
anointing each and every welt
with the ointment that his momma used
when his papa left her bottom bruised.

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.


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