By April McCoy

All alone silently waiting
 Emptiness all around 
 No claps of thunder 
 No flash of lightning 
She sits weeping in the fire 
 All broken and sad 
 No strength to move 
 She has nothing left to lose
She’s been stripped of her pride 
 Youthful soul has broken 
 Crucified by a twisted mind
 She’s been here all her life 
Born in darkness 
 Covered in sin
 She fights the demons within
 She’s had all she can take
Screaming loudly in anger
 Digging in deep she finds her will
 Struggling with her demons 
 She beats them into submission 
No longer bound by chains
 Freed from her cage 
 She stands…..ready to fight
 In hell’s flames she burned
She rises from the ashes
 Like a mighty Phoenix 
 She stands her ground 
 No longer afraid of the truth 
She’ll knock on the devils door
 Just to say fuck you
 After all this time she realized 
 She was who she was searching for

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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