Perfect Mystery

Collaboratively Written By: Ben Vest, David Guy Ramirez, Lee Todd Lacks, Tracy Shults-Wright, CJ Foster & Jesse Batista
It was the perfect mystery
With clues hiding truths.
It will go down in history...
An act of pure intimacy.
Unrelated DNA ancestry
Leading to possible accessories.
Noting this very expressively
Running that mouth most excessively
Leading to eventually
Quite unconditionally
Their lack of morality
Lead to their fatality
Perhaps done in the library
Where they committed their bribery
Accepting their financial aid recovery.
Covid vaccine discovery
With ingredients for a remedy
Being discovered in Yosemite
Wasn’t the source of the primary
Appearing in court preliminary
This is going back and forth, 
Spinning like a rotisserie.
Blowing up like an insinderary
Another explosive theory
The aftermath quite eerie
Examining the clue upon delivery
His body reacted in such quivery
Animated as if twitching
It's repocussion's from snitching
Or an act of witching
For which she got a switching
For the crime scene, she’s ditching
Started scratching where it's itching...
Skin like an infected disease
Infected boils popped with ease
The puss oosed and smelled like rotten cheese
Amused, it was like a gushing stream, 
Spilt open from cadaver seams
I swabbed her with witch hazel, in spite of her screams
The sound was horrific, resonated with nightmare dreams
Life isn't always what it seems.
As the nightmares became more extreme
Working the case with a productive team
Who else are they going to ream...
Evidence pointing towards mustard cream
Lacking confidence with no self esteem...
Begging for interrupt in the usual stream
Time to chill and stop making a scene
Let's smoke and regroup, c'mon gang - 
To the Mystery Machine!
Hey Raggy it's time to come clean
“I don’t know if it’s just me...
But the walls are sproutin’ eyes and it’s muddying my chi!”
Daphne, this might be the sweet grass talkin', but your ass looks fine to me!
Back off now, your lewd thoughts are a pipe-dream.
there’s a mystery to solve, so it would seem. Regardless, my peaches ain’t touchin’ your cream!

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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