Love’s Deterioration

Collaboratively Written By: Tracy Shults-Wright, Brandon Snyder, April McCoy & Badura Glenda Pereira
Could Love Deteriorate?
That very question taunted me...
So much,
I couldn't concentrate.
How many tears must one cry? 
To kill the pain of just one lie.
What has passed as my heart so rapt in this illusion, 
Was lead blind to this dark confusion.
The lie of your love was told, 
The heart of mine that it stole
And as I wander broken, heartless one truth torments me ... 
I was so artless!
So shall asked again, how many tears must one cry? 
Till my love for you slowly dies.
and I wander this world , an empty, 
Knotted ball of pain seeking the only visage my soul would yearn to see again.
Forever wandering through out times sand, 
The long dead remains of a love clinched tightly within your hand.
Now, I’ll forever standing at loves gate, damning the fates...
Patiently waiting on the other side praying you and fate see, wishing the one fate pics is me
A future fast approaches I survey my inventory
Empty and bare,
How can I rise and prepare?
For just yesterday my love did stay and everything that filled my heart was fresh and new.

Not only can it, but turn into violent hate!

© All poetic works displayed on this website are copyright of the original author. All rights reserved.

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